Wordpress Hosting Terms and Conditions

By signing up to this offer you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions.

This offer is exclusively restricted to the installation of a single Wordpress CMS and does not include any other CMS (Content management system installation, I.E. Joomla, Dupral, Serendipity etc).

Along with the Wordpress installation we will install some important plugins that make the safe running of the wordpress website possible. These plugins will include software to ensure a daily backup of your Wordpress website and other plugins that will assist with daily tasks that most website developers would normally carry out.
The plugins we will install will be free plugins, meaning they are free for anyone to install and use free of charge forthwith. As these plugins are third party software, we can not offer any warranty or guarantee as to their stability or performance and we can not be held responsible for their productivity or performance.

This offer includes the purchase of one (single) domain name which will be owned by the purchasing customer. He/she can require by email that the domain name be released from our shared hosting account at any time. We will release the TAG to any registrar as per request. The transfer of the domain name will automatically end the contract when the 12 month period has expired.

With this offer comes the setup of up to and including 3 email addresses with the purchased domain name after the '@' in the address. After email addresses have been setup we will send by email, settings for adding the address to popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. We will not be held responsible for the setup of email addresses on remote computers.
Any further alterations to email accounts thereafter may be subject to an administration charge.

One years web hosting on a shared hosting account is included in this offer. After 11 months we will notify the domain owner by email that the 12 month expiry of the domain name is imminent. If the payment of £11.99 is not received within reasonable time (28-31 days) then the domain registrar will release the domain name at which point it can be purchased by other interested parties. We will endeavor to contact you and accept payment in plenty of time to avoid any disruption.

This offer does not cover support for the further development of your Wordpress website in any way. Once the installation is complete and the aforementioned themes and plugins have been added we will supply login details and instructions to you. At that point our inclusion in the further development of your Wordpress website is over. Any work we are asked to carry out beyond this point will be subject to developer fees.

This website (byfarrthebest.co.uk) has links to what we consider the best Wordpress resources that will assist you in learning how to use your Wordpress website and adding to its appearence and functionality. These are third party websites and so we cannot be held responsible for their content.