Choosing a Domain Name

What you need to Know

A mistake made by many is to think up that snazzy name that seems so catchy, go to a domain name registrars website and purchase said domain only to realise that it is reads badly when typed into a browser. Example, you want to start a forum where specialists can discuss the subject of their expertise, so you call your website 'Experts Exchange'. might attract a different demographic to the one you originally intended.

Choosing a domain name is a task that you should take some time considering carefully. Mistakes are easy to make.

When you choose your domain name keep it as simple as possible and also as short as possible. Users will be more likely to remember your domain and email addresses

Social media is such an important feature of the web nowadays, so before you buy your new domain check that you can secure a suitable version of it on each social media platform that you intend to use to market your brand.

If you hit a roadblock trying to come up with a suitable name you could try one of the online domain name generators:

Numbers and hyphens in domain names are harmful to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so it is best to avoid either wherever possible, there are exceptions to this rule but avoid if possible.

The suffix to your domain name is very important. If it is available .com is still your best bet as it is simply the best known and users tend to remember domains with this suffix more easily. If it is not available (.net) and (.org) are the next most popular suffixes. If your website is only intended for users in your country then a ( or (.uk) type suffix will be more suitable.

Always rember that changing brand is a nightmare situation that you want to avoid at any and all costs, so take your time and choose wisely.