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Starting your online journey can be complex, so we try to take some of the technical issues that can be confusing, and make them simple for you. Domains, hosting, emails, databases, backups, it all needs to be addressed but when you are new to it, it can take a steep learning curve to understand it all.

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Wordpress has become the world's favourite blogging software. It allows you to concentrate on adding content without having to know any of the technichal aspects of web development. It can also be used for business or eCommerce sites.

Our Wordpress offer will get you up and running within 24 hours, sometimes less.

  1. Domain Name of your choice
  2. 1 year Web Hosting
  3. Installation of the latest version of Wordpress
  4. Plugins that you will need to get started
  5. Choice of Themes installed

Domain Name

Buying a domain name that you will have to stick with for the lifecyle of your website can be a tricky choice.

Many web hosting companies will sell you a cheap domain name without explaining the implications, such as the fact that it is worthless without web hosting which will cost a lot more than the domain name they just sold you.

Things to consider:

  1. Choose an easy to remember domain name
  2. Choose the correct suffix i.e., .net, .com
  3. Your domain name will be your email address
  4. Make your domain registration private

Bespoke Sites

There are times when a CMS (Content Management Sysytem) just won't fullfill you're needs. As good, and as cheap as they are for many tasks, some websites need to be built from the ground up.

This can be a longer and more expensive way of getting the website you need online, but it will be worth the investment in time and money in the long run.

Websites that require bespoke booking systems for instance cannot be produced with a Wordpress plugin. In that case, it would probobly be more expensive and less productive.

Online quotation systems need to be bespoke to the business they represent and there is no point in using a CMS for this sort of task.


Our Special Word Press Offer

  • 1 Domain Name
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • Up to 4 Email Addresses
  • Free SSL Certificate Installed
  • Wordpress Installed
  • Wordpress Plugins Installed
  • Wordpress Themes Installed
  • £150.00

     Wordpress Offer